Thursday, June 29, 2017
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2017 CA Construction Law

New California Construction Laws for 2017

The California Legislature introduced over 5103 bills in the 2015-2016 session. The PDF link that follows includes summaries of some of the more important bills affecting contractors in their roles as contractors, effective January 1, 2017 unless otherwise noted. Many other bills will impact them in other roles, such as being businesses, taxpayers, and employers.

For Smith Currie’s California Law Note reporting on changes in the laws affecting employers in 2017, please visit their website’s California Law Notes page.

Each of the summaries is brief, focusing on the gist of the bill most important to contractors, while not mentioning additional, less important provisions. Each summary’s title is a live link to the full text of the referenced bill, for those wanting to know in detail the provisions of the new law.

View PDF to read summaries

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