Sunday, February 25, 2018
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BIM Deliverables Guide for Masonry Contractors

BIM-M announces the availability of a new report titled "BIM Deliverables Guide for Masonry Contractors". Developed by mason contractors for mason contractors under the direction of BIM-M project consultant Fred Kinateder, the Guide addresses 6 key issues every mason contractor needs to know:

1. Why BIM is important to the mason contractor
2. How to get started in BIM
3. What a BIM Execution Plan is and how to develop one
4. Examples of software being used by mason contractors to work in the BIM environment
5. Deliverables that provide a return on investment for contractors that are willing to invest the time and resources
6. Where to go for educational opportunities for modeling with the appropriate software

The Guide is FREE! Download it from the MCAC website or visit for more information on the BIM-M project.




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