Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Rolling Tower/Mobile Scaffold Tip Sheet

The Rolling Towers/Mobile Scaffold: Inspection, Maintenance, and Use Tip Sheet

The most common type of rolling tower/mobile scaffold is simply a single bay supported scaffold tower with casters. Mobile scaffolds may be constructed using tube and coupler scaffold, fabricated frame scaffold or modular type scaffold. As with any supported scaffold, however, it can be configured in many different ways. This tip sheet highlights some of the key items to keep in mind when inspecting, erecting, maintaining, and using mobile scaffold.

Definition of rolling tower/mobile scaffold: A powered or unpowered portable, caster-or wheel-mounted supported scaffold.

Worksite Inspection
Users of rolling tower scaffold must walk around the area in which they will work to remove any materials that may be a hazard to workers as the scaffolds are introduced onto the site. Particular care must be made to note floor hazards such construction debris, holes in the floor, etc. Debris should be removed. Holes should be repaired or workers must work in areas free of such hazards. Rolling tower scaffold must only be used on solid (concrete, etc.), flat floor surface.

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