Sunday, February 25, 2018
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SAIA Guidelines on Purchasing Inner Access Decks (Hatch Decks)

Description: Inner Access Decks (Hatch Decks)– A platform unit designed and constructed to carry at least one person and allow access from the scaffold level below by opening a hatch embedded in the deck. Inner Access Decks are equipped with end hooks that engage the scaffold bearer, a hatch for access and may contain an integrated ladder. Inner Access Decks are generally rated for uniformly distributed loads.

Items that should be considered when using this checklist as a tool for making purchasing decisions.

• Ultimately, the purchasing decision comes down to the purchaser. This list is not intended to be used as a “Pass/Fail”, but rather to arm plank purchasers with an aid in the decision making process.
• Inner Access Decks covered in this list are those intended for spans of 10’ or less. For solid sawn wood planks or engineered wood planks, refer to the appropriate SAIA purchasing guidelines.
• Only those items that are listed in bold and have an underlined reference are regulated. Other items in this list are based on best known practices within the industry.
• Many of these items have a “Yes” or “No” answer. However, many of them are not as simple as that. Certain quality management systems may have greater merit than others. As such, it is advisable to understand the manufacturer’s quality assurance process rather than just if it exists.
• All items should be checked. Address any unchecked items with the manufacturer or supplier.
• Questions may arise; it is recommended that the buyer contact their manufacturer and the Scaffold & Access Industry Association directly for answers.

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