Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Outside and stairs view of the University of California's Galen Center by Masonry Concepts, Inc. 

Masonry Concepts, Inc.
Dana Kemp, Owner-President

Galen Center, USC
The University of Southern California's Galen Event Center on the Los Angeles campus features seven sculptures that, at 46-ft 8-in. high x 11-ft 8-in. wide, are among the world's largest brick murals. The sculptures, each comprised of 2520 brick in 210 courses, adorn the building's octagonal corners and define its uses for sporting events, performing arts, and community outreach programs.

Installing the murals
The bricklayers from Masonry Concepts Inc., Santa Fe Springs, Calif., installed the brick cladding on the building. “To work the sculptures into the courses, we defined the space they would go into, built panels, and then placed the brick around it,” said Dana Kemp, owner of Masonry Concepts. The project was completed within 22 months, with the crew of 30 masons onsite for about a year. The 255,000-sq-ft Galen Center, home of the USC Trojans, opened on schedule for the fall 2006 season.

About Masonry Concepts, Inc.
Masonry Concepts was founded in 1983 by three individuals with more than 75 years of construction experience between them. The single-minded goal was to provide their customers the highest quality masonry, on time and within budget.

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